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Hailed During Ceremony: Pfeiffer Beach Elopement In Big Sur

Can you imagine getting hailed during your ceremony!? Despite the weather, this Elopement in Big Sur turned out better than it sounds.

Pfeiffer Beach Elopement in Big Sur

I always say that every elopement experience is unique but this was a true one-of-a-kind experience. Shelly & Glen wanted something simple. They love the idea of a stress-free day that feels effortless. 

It was also during the pandemic and when COVID first started, a lot of State & National Parked didn’t offer weddings & elopements at the time and there were limited locations that allowed ceremonies. I suggested Pfeiffer Beach to be their location. It is close to lots of lodging and this beach doesn’t require a Special Use Permit so it was a perfect place to have their ceremony.

As we got to planning, Shelly got excited about the possibility of adding some decoration and special details to her elopement. She thrifted a bunch of items to set up for the picnic layout and I was able to bring out my rug for them to use, it came together so beautifully!


Ceremony At Pfeiffer Beach

When we first got to the beach, we literally got rain dumped on us and this was a signal that we needed our rain gear. Luckily I have packed tons of jackets and rain covers for our camera backpack so we stayed dry the whole entire time!

Their closest family joined and one of the family members officiated their wedding. I love when close family members and/or friends officiate because it is more personal and you can truly feel their genuine happiness joining the couple together. 

As we got started with the ceremony, the sun came out with beautiful clouds and it was purely a magical moment. We couldn’t believe it stopped raining just for their ceremony. 

Right before the kiss, we got hailed!

During the ceremony, it would rain and stop several times, and just when they went in for the kiss, it was sprinkling but it got heavier and thicker. At this moment, we realized it was hailing, at Big Sur, during an elopement ceremony. All we could do was just laugh and be amazed by this very unusual weather. 

It just felt like it was a sign. 

I love paying attention to little symbolism and signs and this just felt like God was celebrating their marriage. It was truly a beautiful moment.

We spent the remaining time just enjoying the weather, beach and they even got to trash the dress in the water. It was everything they hoped for!

Amazing Vendors:

Videographer: Jose Suarez Visuals

Florals: Friday Flowers Gilroy 

Dress: Lulus Wedding 

10 Responses

  1. okay this day had alllllll of the weather! I loved how they just embraced it and you caotured them so beautifully! Such a magical day!

  2. These images of this couple’s elopement in Big Sur are incredible! I love how the couple embraced whatever weather the day brought and celebrated their love for each other. You can see in the images how in love they are. :-)

  3. Elopements are definitely always unique and since they usually take place in nature its so important to be flexible and open minded. Pfeiffer Beach is such a beautiful location – congrats to Shelly and Glen!

  4. I love that they embraced the weather! These images are gorgeous and such a fun story for them to tell about their elopement.

  5. Wow what a weather day! haha Definitely really shows how you can embrace the weather and have a great day. These photos are incredible!

  6. Love how they embraced the heck out of the weather. I mean you gotta be a chill couple if you elope in Big Sur, right? So good!!!

  7. The bride’s expressions say it all. She is just a GORGEOUS bride in any crazy weather! They all got soaked but they’re married!

  8. Ah…Big Sur….I so need to adventure here more…love the beach vibes…love the waves…and al sandy love!

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