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Yosemite Elopement: Beautiful Sunrise Cliff-Edge Ceremony

If you love the adrenaline rush, this Yosemite Eloepemtn has it all! They had their ceremony on the edge of the cliff!

Sunrise Yosemite Elopement

There is something so special about this Yosemite Elopement. Megan & Conner knew they wanted to elope at Yosemite National Park. They live in the midwest and their favorite thing to do is to go hiking, especially in high elevation, so I recommended my two favorite locations, Taft Point & Half Dome!

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We met up with Megan & Conor, and Megan’s family that lives in California at the parking lot of Half Dome to take getting ready photos & first look photos at sunrise. I love it when couples bring their closest family member and friends to come along to help out because it makes a huge difference when getting ready and having a support system with you.


Sunrise at Half Dome never gets old.

There is something so special about seeing the sunrise and the whole valley is lit up but a beautiful warm color. You can even feel the warmth coming through and it’s a magical sight to see and experience. 

After the first look, as we enjoyed the warm sun, we explored the area and just savored the time we had with the beautiful light and the view of Half Dome. It was very hard to leave the sight of Half Dome because there is nothing you can compare it to. Especially how the color changes from cool colors to warm after the sunrise, we could have spent hours there!

Hiking To Taft Point

After we spent time laughing and enjoying our time together, we drove down to Taft Point parking lot to start our 2-mile hike(roundtrip). I’m always amazed by how the parking lot gets full after 9 am! Both of these locations are so popular that it can feel like you are at an amusement park. 

Hiking with a group is such a fun experience because we all get to chat and I feel like it’s one of the best conversations you ever have. Getting to know my couples and their families more and even sharing hiking tips just brings me so much joy!

After walking down the woodsy pine tree trail for 1 mile, you will see a clearing and you can physically feel the elevation. If you haven’t visited anywhere with high elevation, you get this feeling that you are lightheaded, dizzy, and numb? It’s such a weird feeling and hard to describe but I still get this feeling every time but I always bring snacks that take away the high elevation symptoms!

I love showing my couples the cool spots to look down safely and see how comfortable they are. This gives me an idea of what activities and where we can stand! I had couples that felt different from before and when they arrived at the location. It’s all about not pushing boundaries and keeping everybody safe! 


Ceremony On The Edge Of The Cliff

Megan & Conor wanted their ceremony to be at the edge of the cliff on Taft Point and it was an adrenaline rush experience. Megan’s friend was the biggest trooper because she brought her stilettos to wear on the edge of Taft Point to officiate and that day the wind was blowing mildly. 

Despite the wind, they did it!

The vows, the view…..this moment was something they dreamt for and it was so perfect for Megan & Conor. They celebrated with a champagne pop & high elevation beers. Not going to lie, alcohol on the top of the mountain tastes AMAZING! 

It was such a relaxed, hanging out with friends type of day and there was no pressure or any obligation to do anything. 

It was the perfect Yosemite elopement experience!

If this Sunrise Yosemite Elopement sounds like the type of experience you are looking for, let’s connect and bring your elopement dream to a reality!

Vendors & Venue:

Location: Yosemite National Park

Photographer: Julia Mina Photography

Dress: Azazie

7 Responses

  1. Wow! The light coming off Half Dome at sunrise is truly incredible. You’re inspiring me to get some hiking time in so I can experience for myself. Hopefully I’ll feel as much emotion as these two did on their wedding day. Beautiful work.

  2. Holy cow!! You captured them so beautifully! And that light at sunrise for their photos at Half Dome- incredible. How lucky they are to have such amazing photos to cherish for years to come!

  3. Oh my goodness that light during their first look at Glacier Point is stunning! I agree, the sunrises there never get old! This seems like such an amazing day, full of so much adventure!

  4. Sunrise is so incredible in Yosemite and you captured everything beautifully!! Their story is so special and they are lucky to have these gorgeous images to remember it for a lifetime.

  5. Holy wow this is so beautiful! What an amazing hike! I esp love the photo of him laying on his belly to see over the edge haha. Idk if I’d do that myself :) Beautiful elopement!!

  6. Cliff edge ceremonies…and Yosemite always the best combinations…such a stunning sunrise adventure for these two!

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