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California Elopement Packages

Why I love elopements & Intimate weddings

What is an elopement?

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Think back to when you went road tripping with your partner. 

You remember all the details, like the smell of the breeze as it hits your face, the tunes hitting just right, the way you glance over at your partner and thinking, this is what life is all about. It’s something worth remembering and something you hold on to forever. 

That is what eloping feels like.

I will tell you right off the bat that elopements are not so much about running away without telling anyone to get married. 


You’re free to get married where you want and how you want.

When you’re eloping, you have the opportunity to rediscover each other, embrace each other, and create memories that will last forever.

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Why Choose An Elopement?

If you would like to find out more details on why couples elope, Check out the blog blow!

Not Just A Photographer

And you are not just another couple. You are special, and your love is special. And I’m all about capturing those intimate moments that show off your unique connection! 

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01. One-Of-A-Kind Location List

I don’t just recommend popular National & State Parks but I find hidden gems and locations based off of what scenery best reflects you as a couple. The location you pick will serve as your ceremony spot, venue, and representation of your love story. I don’t take this task lightly and it is an honor for me to be able to research and provide all of the logistical details to help you imagine what type of experience you will have on your wedding day.

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02. Timeline Help & Creation

The amazing thing about elopement & intimate wedding timeline is that it gives you the flexibility to implement activities and things that mean the most to you. I love structure but also love to be spontaneous! We will work together to codesign a flexible & structured day, so you can feel relieved from the stress of being on a tight busy schedule and fully be present in all of the valuable elements you will implement on your day.

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03. Sharing My Knowledge & Resources

I’ve been there from being the person trying to plan an elopement to photographing big traditional weddings. I’ve seen it all from the most unique amazing ways and overwhelming ways to get married.  I’m here to provide ideas, location & season recommendations, and vendors to help you pick and choose what feels right for you.

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04. Customized Discovery Questionnaires

Throughout the planning process, I will send over questionnaires to really see the core of your relationship, what location and scenery makes your heart rush, and your important details to implement on your day. It is refreshing to re-discover and remember what brought you to fall in love, the memories that keep you going and the emotional bond that you have together. By the end of the planning, you will know exactly why you are marrying the love of your life and counting down to your big day!

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05. Moral Support

It’s hard to feel like you are there to fend for yourself. Let alone saying “no” to your family and friends. Life happens, especially now with everything going on, unexpected events can happen and I’m here for you to talk to and even offer solutions to give you the encouragement to stick to the experience you deserve.

My Reason on

Why I advocate elopements

When we got engaged, there was a big pressure from family, friends and even from my boss on all of the details of our day. Every idea I had was shut down with few simple words like “what if it rains?” or “there is no dance floor.

It amazes me now that all of the ideas I had were elopement & intimate wedding Experiences I help couples plan and document!

Eventually, we got so fed up with not being able to plan a dream day for ourselves while making every guest happy, we decided to elope secretly at a courthouse.


This is before I knew there was such a thing as elopement & intimate wedding experiences.

Because of my experience, I know what it feels like to plan a day so unique and different, and I’m so excited to make your dream wedding day a reality. 

California Elopement Packages & Wedding Packages


None of our experiences are alike since none of our couple’s journeys and their love stories are alike. 

There are a variety of packages including custom experiences to fit with the way you would like to celebrate! This is why I can offer one of the best elopement packages in California! 

I’m there with every step of the way. Since we’ve experienced large weddings to 2-person elopement, I can help guide you to implement what is most important to you.

 I’m all about making sure you enjoy and soak in every moment of your day without stress on one of the most important days of your life. I will be your best friend and treat you like one! Let me help you make memories that you cherish forever!

Photo & Video Package

It is important that your photographer and videographer have the same core belief and approach to your experience. Nonetheless the final product (photo + video) should reflect cohesive style which will be the memories you will revisit forever.

I’ve teamed up with amazing creatives who specialize in elopement films and am so excited to offer this experience to you!

CA Elopement Starting at $8500

*All packages start with Half Day Coverage (6hours)
*Payment Plans Available

All Photo & Video Packages include

Elopement Packages

All Elopement Packages include

*Engagement Session add-on available

Local Area Elopement Starting at $4500 – $7000
California National Parks Starting at $5000 – $7500
West Coast (CA, OR, WA) Starting at $5500 – $8000 
International Elopement Starting at $6500 – $9000

*Packages starts with 4hour coverage 
*Payment Plans Available

Intimate Weddings Package

Intimate weddings up to 50 guests

All Wedding Packages include

*Engagement Session add-on available

Local Area Wedding Starting at $5500 – $7500
California National Parks Starting at $6000 – $8500
West Coast (CA, OR, WA) Starting at $6500 – $9000
International Wedding Starting at $7500 – $10,000

*All packages start with Half Day Coverage (6hours)
*Payment Plans Available

Couple Adventure Session

This is the time to document your memories because this stage of life you are in is so special. Hit the road and let’s adventure in the great outdoors!

This is great for engagement sessions, proposals, and anniversary photos!

Starting at $900 – $2000


If you are planning to have an elopement or intimate wedding with 15+ guests, I definitely recommend hiring a planner! Hiring a wedding planner can help me keep the focus on you, while a planner can help with: vendor/venue search, setting up/ tearing down your reception and ceremony area, managing catering, making sure all guests are well attended, and more! It is great to come back from your ceremony and adventure to be welcomed with a beautiful setup. Just simply pampering yourself and your guests to take the headache away from all the logistics of planning & decorating.

California National & State Parks require a Special Use Permit in order to reserve your ceremony location. You can apply 6 months to 1 year ahead and within a minimum of 30 days before your date. Currently, elopements and intimate weddings are becoming more popular than ever, the permit office is receiving an influx of applications. As soon as you know your location (ceremony location), date, guest count, and discuss the time with your photographer, I advise you to apply immediately to ensure you have your date and time!

Some parks can take up to 1-2 months to process your request and they often only have 1 staff member working on the applications so please be patient!

I understand it is so exciting to see your photos and I love sharing my quick 20 favorites between 3-4 days after your elopement/wedding.

My turnaround time is 8-12 weeks and I take my time to make sure each and every single image is thought through as if my couples would print them.

It is a lengthy process to go through as I carefully decide which image best represents your love story and experience you had. It is my honor to be able to tell your story through beautiful and timeless photos and I don’t take this process lightly!

Yes! When you inquire with me and already have a general idea of where you want to get married, I will send a Pricing Guide specifically tailored for you. Within all of the packages, travel & lodging is included to avoid additional fees (which I hate!). If we change locations and require travel, I will send you a quote for the updated pricing for the new location!

You can book with me one year in advance but most of my clients book within 4-8 months! If you are looking to elope at a national park, keep in mind that permits can take up to 1-2 months to process during a busy season! I’m happy to help you speed up the application process and plan your day!

I always provide a plan A, B, and C for my couples. This is a great way to not only mentally prepare if something didn’t go according to plan, but also show couples that whatever happens, each plan is an amazing way to get married! Being flexible and open-minded is the key for success because at the end of the day, the most important thing is you are getting married to your best friend <3

If you would like to legally get married, an Officiant is required to fill out paperworks and conduct a legitimate ceremony! Anyone can be ordained (about $40 online to sign-up) and in my opinion, it makes your ceremony more official!

Some couples decide to have a legal ceremony before or after their elopement/wedding to avoid the hassle of signing a license.

There is no right or wrong way to do this but think about what kind of experience you would like to have!

Such a great question! The adventure session includes 2 hrs of photography including 100+ edited images on an online gallery! We can hike, adventure, have a picnic, and anything that describes who you are as a couple!

I like to think of myself as my couple’s go to person throughout their elopement or intimate wedding process! Here are some things I will be helping you with along the way:

-Scouting the location that best fits you as a couple
-Handle permit research and help with application
-Suggest ideas for your special day
-Custom Timeline Planning
-Be your guide and adventure buddy!

Yes! I believe the best way to remember your elopement/ intimate wedding is to have a physical product you can touch and hold.

It can be overwhelming to think about printing and where to hang them but I guarantee that you are going to love seeing your beautiful memories presented for you and everyone who visits to enjoy.

The gallery you will receive your images from is connected to a professional print lab and they offer a variety of amazing products!

If you are interested in creating an Album, I’d love to help with the process! We can add-on to the package when you inquire or after your elopement. But you won’t regret investing in a luxurious physical piece to hold your one in a lifetime memory.

Yes! My husband and I absolutely love the West Coast especially Oregon and Washington when we took a road trip up to Seattle. I absolutely love the variety of scenery that they offer that California doesn’t have. Arizona, Nevada and Utah are just a few of other neighboring states that are one flight away!

If you would like me to follow you to your dream location, fill out the contact form and let’s start planning your dream day!


Let’s Plan Your Epic Adventure

I don’t take this lightly and feel overjoyed that you are looking to have an epic adventure! I do my best to get back to you within 48 hours or less!

In the meantime...