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Mammoth Mountains Elopement: Gorgeous Fall Hiking Adventure

This beautiful Mammoth Mountains Elopement will get you to want to take a road trip to Mammoth Lakes!

Mammoth Mountains Elopement

I can still remember this day so vividly and can transport myself through the photos!! It was so magical. Mammoth Lakes is one of the most beautiful locations I have been to! The way the grand mountain range just appeared made you feel so small. We found ourselves just getting lost in the moment and spent hours in the same spots.

Kline & Will truly wanted an experience. They are avid hikers and spent many months exploring and hiking together. Will was familiar with the area and we worked endlessly to choose just a few locations in this area. I sent the longest location list on earth because I saw potential in so many places, I couldn’t resist it!

They chose the Bishop, CA area and I was so ecstatic with joy, because this was one of those locations I found by accident and I was eager to go!

Surrounded by Mountains ans Fall Foliage

As we arrived at our first location, we were already in awe of the location from the moment we got to the parking lot. The view from the parking lot alone was simply magical and we often found ourselves just getting lost at the beauty around us and absorbing in all we can. 

I was amazed by the sight of aspen trees gathered together creating this magical fairytale sight! It was sunset and the warm colored sun rays coming through the yellow leaves gave off an unreal beauty we couldn’t take our eyes off of!

Twilight Portraits By the Beautiful Convict Lake

Before nightfall, we drove to  Convict Lake which was not too far off from our first location. I had researched several locations for our day, but we were just enjoying each other’s company, and the view around us at that time slipped on us. When you catch yourself getting lost in the moment and view, you know the location is EPIC!

We got to the location and just could not believe we were practically the only ones there. Both of these locations were absolutely draw-dropping and we got to soak it all in!

Magic Blue Hour Portraits

Kline & Will were willing to go with the flow and open to any crazy ideas I had, and this was one of them. We adventured to this lake just as the sun was setting, and it was one of the most epic photos I’ve taken! They were all geared up and lost in the moment and I just documented it. So grateful for my couples who trust me to create magical photos of their wedding day. 

Venues & Vendors

Location: Mammoth Mountain

Dress: BHLDN

Florals: Long Stem Disco

8 Responses

  1. omg such a gorgeous day! You captured them and their love so perfectly! Mammoth looks like the perfect place to elope!

  2. Mammoth is such a California staple! Love the dramatic geography here and how the fall vibes come through!

  3. This looks like an amazingly intimate, full day of adventures! The landscape is insane, not to mention the colours…thanks for sharing.

  4. Mammoth Lakes is such an incredible (and underrated) area!! Your photos are so amazing and you captured their adventure so beautifully!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Mammoth has to be one of my favorite places in California – you captured Kline and Will’s elopement beautifully! The twilight lakeside portraits are amazing!

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