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Top 3 Tips To Actually Enjoy Your Wedding Day

One of the most important things about your wedding is actually enjoying it! Sounds a little silly although according to the study done by Sony, they have found out that 54% of couples are said to have “Wedding Day Memory Loss” due to the chaos of the day. It is real, weddings can pass you by so fast that by the time you take a nice break, it is already over.

Top 3 Tips To Actually Enjoy Your Wedding Day

1. Eat. Drink. Make Your Belly Happy!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen couples spend their wedding day starving with low-energy. This leads to not really being present on your special day since your body does not have the right nutrients to get through the day.

When I ask my couple if they had a snack or a drink, I have received responses like “I want to avoid being bloated” and “I’m soo nervous, I don’t want to upset my stomach”. There are an amazing varieties of food that can actually prevent you from bloating and also fuel your body with energy so you are in a much better mood resulting in enjoying your day being present! My biggest tip is to avoid carbs and simply fill your breakfast with protein and vegetables!

Here Is A List Of Energizing Food That Won’t Make You Bloat:



-Yogurt (parfait with bananas or pineapple)




-Eggs (Omelet with Spinach & Asparagus)

If you really don’t feel like eating, you could grab a green juice with lots of vitamins and also you may enjoy a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea which helps you relax.

Top 3 Tips To Actually Enjoy Your Wedding Day 02

2. Add Additional Time

The reason why some couples may not remember parts of their wedding is that often times they are rushed to the next “thing” without having any time to take a breath. Adding additional time can not only add longer coverage to document your day but the biggest benefit is to give you flexibility on your timeline.

Whether you plan to have a 6 hrs or 12 hrs package to document your day, it is important to give yourself a few breaks to take it all in. There are a few things you can do during these breaks.



Having time to self-reflect will not only remind yourself the true meaning of why you are marrying your fiance, but you can think about what kind of life you want to have with him/her when you are married.

Writing Your Vows/Journal

Why not write down how you are feeling at that moment to relive again later? This precious time you have right before the ceremony can be one of the most important times of your life. It can be promises or things that you appreciate about your fiance. Writing down you thoughts about each other will set the mood for the rest of your day truly knowing why you are marrying “him/her”.

Take A Walk

Simply getting fresh air can easily give you a good reset. Literally take a breath and enjoy the tranquility and slow down time just for a little bit. If you were sitting for a couple of hours, this could be a great time to give yourself a little stretch.

Top 3 Tips To Actually Enjoy Your Wedding Day 03

3. Only Implement What Matters

I’m going to cut straight to the point. Have your wedding “your” way! (aka ditch the traditions!) If you want to have a private ceremony, great! We thought about having a magician just to be entertained on our day (didn’t happen but it was a great idea!). Don’t let anyone change your mind about how you want to spend your once in a lifetime day.

Think Of Your Dream Honeymoon Or Vacation,
What Type Of Experience You Would Like To Have?


Hiking on top of the mountain with your spouse to say your private vows, flying on a helicopter to get to your ceremony spot to have a “just us” experience or having an intimate gathering in the cabins with your closest family and friends to witness your “I do’s”. There are NO RULES! Simply have fun in the planning process to create your custom experience, and because the day is tailored to you, it is going to be one of the most epic days of your life!

Top 3 Tips To Actually Enjoy Your Wedding Day 04

Wow, it felt so nice to get these tips off my chest because I truly believe your day should represent your love story and set the foundation of your marriage. If this information helped you in any way, I’d appreciate it if you would share it with your friends and family!! If you would like to receive more tips or simply need help with your wedding, I’d love to share my knowledge & resources!

You can hop over to my contact page or schedule a quick call with me!

10 Responses

  1. These are super helpful tips! Especially the food list! One of my biggest fears is the dreaded "wedding day bloat". I was seriously considering not eating until the reception.

  2. These are great tips! Couples need to know that it’s ok to take down time on your wedding day and not do things just to make other people happy.

  3. These are really insightful tips! #2 is so important- you never want to be rushed on your wedding day!

  4. Honestly, this is such helpful advice. Especially about the importance of being fed and hydrated for your big day! Couples definitely need to take care of themselves during this time.

  5. Yes!!! To all the things!!! So many great tips here especially the additional time. The day of the wedding can be so rushed. It’s important to make time to reflect on everything that’s happening.

  6. These tips are so useful no matter what wedding your planning to make the day extra special and most of all enjoyable.

  7. Yes, eating is important, preferably little bits through out the day. Don’t wait until you’re hungry as you might not be. In addition: stay away from alcohol as much as possible, especially during the day. It won’t help you relax. Ironically, it does the opposite. You liver can’t break down cortisol and alcohol at the same time. It will do the alcohol first, leaving you still feeling stressed because of the cortisol. Not a wise cycle to restart by having another drink.

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