Julia Mina Photography, California Elopement Photographer

California Coast

The California coastal offers you a laid back, breezy, and tranquil experience. Infuse your senses with all your surroundings

Who is this a good fit for?

If you love the ocean, the smell of the salty breeze, and love to let yourself free and run around in the sand.

Where to next?


A vast and lush green life that calms your soul. Explore this beautiful place full of ferns that cover the ground beneath the mighty redwood forest.

Mountain adventure

Views that make you feel small yet whole. The grandness of the mountainscapes that goes on and on through the horizon cannot be compared with any other experiences.

Create my own adventure

Don’t see what you are looking for? California also offers Deserts, Sand Dunes, Volcanic areas and many amazing locations! Let me help you find a location that resonates with who you are!