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Santa Cruz Elopement in The Redwoods & Coast

Jamie & Jorge's San Cruz Elopement in The Redwoods & Coast

Santa Cruz is one of those locations that you never get tired of visiting. The great warm weather, the pier, and so many fun activities to do as a tourist! It is also a great elopement destination! If you’re thinking of having a Santa Cruz elopement, then keep reading, because you’re about to find all of the inspiration!

The redwoods and the coast are just 30 minutes from one another, with lots of restaurant options, and gorgeous Airbnb/lodging making it a great elopement location for “just as” or with guest experience.

When Jamie and Jorge first reached out to me, they knew that they wanted to be surrounded by the redwoods as they shared their vows. There are so many gorgeous redwoods location in California but there are some restrictions when it comes to guest size. We were brainstorming and looking for different options to accommodate 20 people and they settled on Henry Cowell Redwood State Park.

For their first looks, we met up near the redwood grove for and it was so intimate and special. They have been together for 9 years and it meant a lot for them to see each other.

Intimate Santa Cruz Elopement Ceremony in Henry Cowell Redwood State Park

After J&J shared their first looks, we met up with their family and friends for their Santa Cruz elopement ceremony. The elopement location is separate from the venue and it is within the park’s trail. There is a smaller redwood grove which doesn’t have a fence and can accommodate up to 20 guests and this is where J & J chose to elope.

J’s aunt officiated the ceremony and it was truly special for her to marry them. We all got teared up hearing their vows and what it meant for them to have each other. Their daughter brought the rings to them and you can tell how happy she was to see her parents share their love for one another.

J & J's Santa Cruz Elopement Portraits in Henry Cowell Redwood State Park

After their Santa Cruz elopement ceremony, we walked around the redwoods of Henry Cowell Redwood State Park for some romantic sunset photos! It was so gorgeous seeing the sun peeping through the redwoods!

I truly never get tired of the California redwoods for elopements. There really is something so romantic about being surrounded by the towering redwoods and the sounds of nature. J&J love being outdoors, so a Santa Cruz elopement in the redwoods only makes sense!

Hitting Up The Davenport Coast For Champagne, Donuts, & Lantern Portraits!

After their redwood elopement portraits, we then headed to the coast in Davenport which is 30 minutes from Henry Cowell Redwood State Park! J&J celebrated with champagne and donuts! I love the little table and setup that they had with the stack of donuts, which we all got to enjoy. They were so yummy! 

Towards the end, I busted out the lanterns and got some amazing moody photos before we said goodbyes! Getting to be J&J’s Santa Cruz elopement photographer was such an honor, and I loved being able to capture this intimate and meaningful day for them two of them!

Ready For Your Santa Cruz Elopement?

If you’re feeling inspired to plan your own Santa Cruz elopement, then you absolutely should!

If you’re looking for an intimate and beautiful location, or even one that can accommodate around 20 guests, then Henry Cowell Redwood State Park is perfect! Not only that, but it’s only 30 minutes from Davenport, so we can get the best of both worlds in terms of redwoods and the coast!

If you’re looking for a Santa Cruz elopement photographer, then feel free to learn more about me. If I sound like the perfect photographer for you, then inquire with me below!

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  1. Wow! Everything about this Santa Cruz elopement is so perfect. And those ceremony moments you captured are just the sweetest!

  2. This place seems to have it all and I have a hard time choosing whether I prefer the coastline or the forest photos. Such a lovely collection of photos, thanks for sharing!

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